Brandon Kortum

IMG_1483My name is Brandon Kortum, and I am going into my fourth year studying Applied Engineering Sciences at Michigan State University. I have been with the program since the first forms were filled out in 2015, and I am currently the Project Lead. For the summer, I have been working as in the Lean/Quality department at Steelcase, Inc. in Grand Rapids, MI.

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I genuinely have a passion for many things, including hiking, swimming, biking, reading, and relaxing. I am originally from Jackson, Wyoming, and have enjoyed the winding path which led me to MSU. I know that my growing up had a lot to do with why I constantly seek to make the world a better place, which is why I have my family back home to thank so much.

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Even though I am from the mountains, I have become accustomed to the beautiful state of Michigan. The sandy beaches of Lake Michigan call to me during the summer.

This is not my first trip to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. During winter break in 2015, Engineers Without Borders made the first trip to start this project.It was there that I fel

l in love with the program, and set my heart to doing great things for the community. I am so excited to return with this wonderful team, and see the project being built.


I do not quite know what I will be doing after I graduate in May 2018, but I hope to continue humanitarian work wherever I do end up.

I am very excited for this trip, and I want to thank everyone who has supported us to allow us to do this!

Although I hope to one day change the world for the better, I am so happy to be able to do something wonderful on this trip.