Anthony Lafata

My name is Anthony Lafata, and I’m a rising junior at MSU.  I’m studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science.  I’m the fundraising chair of EWB-MSU, and have been involved with the Tanzania project since my freshman year.  Until we depart, I’m spending my time interning at ARCA, helping design and manufacture automated currency handling machinery.

My hobbies include cooking, video games, late-night Netflix binges, and photography.  That last one is going to come in handy in Tanzania, as I intend to bring my camera and use it often!  I’m also a massive gearhead, and intend to pursue a career in the automotive industry after graduating.  I hope to use my time in that industry to make automotive transportation more sustainable.

I’ve been out of the country before (longest was a month in Barcelona), but this will be my first time in Tanzania, and my first time in Africa.  In the US, I’ve lived in Michigan, Virginia, and North Carolina, and visit all three states frequently, along with various other destinations in the Midwest and on the East Coast.  My favorite trip so far has been to Tarragona, Spain, but with each new adventure, I hope to have more fun than the last!

I’m the team’s semi-official photographer, so you might not see me in a lot of the pictures on this blog.  I’m often behind the camera!