Alexis Kontorousis

greeceHi my name is Alexis Kontorousis and I am a senior at Michigan State University majoring in Biosystems Engineering and minoring in Environmental Sustainability. This will be my second trip to Tanzania for EWB, and I am beyond excited to return to such a beautiful country! I travelled on the assessment trip for EWB-MSU for this project in December 2015 and have continued to be involved with the project since then. This year I will also be the Vice President of EWB-MSU and am excited to be immersed in all thing EWB all the time! This summer I have been busy working at Cargill Protein as a Production Intern, along with preparing for this trip.

My favorite things to do are painting, being outdoors, spending time with family and friends, and gardening. My strongest passions are for sustainability (protecting the environment and learning to live along with nature instead of destroying it), human rights, water quality, and being involved in my Greek community.

tanz pond
Mikumi National Park, Tanzania