Travel Day 9

Yesterday morning, we woke up early for breakfast and headed over to the Sisters’ to do laundry. Most of us had never done it by hand, so Sister Pelita had to give a couple tutorials before we all figured it out.

Afterwards, we split into two groups. One team went to purchase our remaining materials, and the other stayed back to update our design drawings and review the finances for our trip. The team that went on the purchasing trip got to visit a number of different hardware stores in search of 5000-10000L tanks for the school. They also visited the manufacturing plant for Simtank, a company we may be interested in purchasing from, and got a tour of the factory where the tanks are constructed.

The team that stayed back got Swahili lesson from Sister Carol and learned how to construct some basic sentences. In Swahili, there are different verb forms depending on what class of noun you are referring to. For example, to say “This is a fork,” you would say “Hii ni uma,” because forks are non-living things, but to say “This is my friend”, you would say “Huyu ni rafiki yangu,” because “my friend” is a person.

When we got back to the church, we debriefed on our day and played a game of Catan before going to bed.



Author: banachem

Studying Biosystems Engineering and Statistics at Michigan State University

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