Travel Day 8

On Monday, we woke up early for a breakfast of Tanzanian pancakes and fried dough balls before walking to the Sisters’. From there, we made a trip to the hardware store to purchase more materials for the rainwater collection system. While we were waiting on materials to be packed for delivery, Sister Mecky, Carly, and Anthony visited a nearby market to buy bananas.

Afterwards, we jumped into our car and drove out to Buyuni to check the school’s progress and meet with Renatus. We arrived to find the footers for our 5000L tanks well underway, and that all but 5 of the downspouts had been installed. On our way back to Dar es Salaam, Sister treated us to chips mayai, which is a classic Tanzanian omelet made with french fries.

When we got back to the Sisters’, we worked on our budget and materials list, updated our first flush calculations, and played with Sister Mecky’s paca and paca paca (cat and kitten). After a long day of working, we finished our day with a game of Catan.


Author: banachem

Studying Biosystems Engineering and Statistics at Michigan State University

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