Travel Day 7

On Sunday, we woke up before dawn to catch the earliest ferry to Zanzibar.  After one and a half hours at sea, we arrived and cleared customs with a new stamp in our passports.  As we walked along the coast, we were surprised by the large population of stray cats, which were very friendly, and came to visit us (in search of food).


We found a small café on the coast where we stopped for breakfast/lunch.  We ordered cheese, spinach, and “tropical” (banana and pineapple) pizzas, all of which were delicious, and decided that we would go to a nearby beach to swim and sit in the sun.  After enjoying a couple hours collecting seashells on the beach, and getting the sunburns to prove it, we left the beach and walked through Stone Town.


One of the most famous areas of Zanzibar is Stone Town. All the buildings and streets were made from stone, and the roads are so narrow and winding that no cars can drive through. The buildings date back to as early as the 1700s and have beautiful wooden doors inspired by Zanzibar, Arabic, and Indian cultures.


We also walked through stone town and went through the Old Fort, which is one of the oldest buildings in Stone Town. There, we were able to walk the walls and see a mini-market in the grounds.

After the Fort, we took a 15 minute walk to the East African Slave Market and went on a tour of the monuments and museums. An Anglican church was built on top of the slave trade market in 1879 when a Bishop named  Edward Steere successfully abolished slavery.


Our next stop was the spice and fruit market, where we got to taste many different fruits, including lychee and sour sop.

Our last destination on Zanzibar was a small Mediterranean restaurant near the port, where we had a late lunch, followed by mango and banana milkshakes.  We then walked down the street to the port, and boarded the ferry back to Tanzania.  After an especially choppy ride, which saw one of the team members revisiting their lunch, we docked in Dar and walked back to the church.

After dropping our bags and playing euchre for an hour, we set out to get dinner at a restaurant near where we’re staying.  After eating our fill of spiced grilled chicken and fries, we headed back to the church and went to bed, exhausted, but satisfied with our adventure so far.

-Anthony and Emily


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